​About Dr. Villalon:

Dr. Villalon is a clinical and forensic psychologist.
Most of her work has been in forensic psychology. She provides Workplace Violence Threat Assessments, Fitness for Duty Evaluations and Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluations. She conducts Risk and Dangerousness Assessments, Sex Offender Assessments, Custody Evaluations, Fit to Proceed and Criminal Responsibility Assessments. She testifies in court on issues related to dangerousness and forensic psychology.  
Dr. Villalon completed her doctorate internship at Atascadero State Hospital, known for its forensic psychology training. She has a Doctorate of Psychology Degree from Argosy University, a Master's of Counseling Degree of Psychology from Chaminade University and a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from the University of Hawaii.
​Dr. Villalon is a former Child Protective Services case manager and investigator and Multi-Systemic Therapist.  She continues to provide individual therapy to adolescents and adults.  

Contact Information:

​1350 South King Street, Suite 325

(Title Guarantee Building)

Parking $2.00 an hour

Street parking available

(808) 291-1772


Dr. Melissa Villalon

Clinical &Forensic Psychologist

​and Human Resources Consultant

Forensic Psychology is the interaction of psychology and the law. Mental health, law enforcement, child welfare, schools, businesses and legal fields are frequently confronted with decisions regarding an individual's risk of harm to self, others or property. Forensic assessments assist in addressing these concerns.


Services Offered:

  • ​​Pre-Employment Screening

  • Workplace Violence Threat Assessments

  • Fitness For Duty Assessments

  • Sex Offender Assessments

  • Custody Evaluations

  • Civil Competency

  • Individual Therapy